My obsession with all things Florentine began my junior year at Georgetown University during an exchange program with the University of Florence. From the start, my friends and I wanted to go where the Florentines went in an attempt to become like the locals. Just beneath the surface lies a different city from the one that people without local connections ever get to know; it is the real, almost secret Florence, and it is the city I fell in love with and never wanted to leave.

Florence is the city I fell in love with and never wanted to leave

After my time abroad, I spent the following few years working for Italian companies and pursuing and receiving a graduate degree in Italian Studies, all in an attempt to find a way of returning to Florence for more than just vacations.
My tireless search finally paid off, and I was lucky enough to call Florence home for ten years.


My favorite part of being in Florence was always enjoying the treasures of food and wine that the city and the entire region of Tuscany have to offer. Having grown up in a family where eating and drinking well were part of daily life, exploring the food and wine landscape of a country known above all for its culinary traditions came naturally. I began to transform my passion into something more when I had the good fortune of working with Faith Willinger, the American food writer considered the guru of all things Italian when it comes to food and wine. From then on, I was lucky enough to come into contact on a regular basis with the most important players on the Italian culinary scene.

I am now back in New York, where I continue my pursuit of promoting great Italian food and wine from the other side of the Atlantic, organizing gourmet experiences with some of the most talented, innovative, and interesting food and wine professionals in Italy. What I have come to enjoy most about my exposure to this exclusive world is sharing what I know and love with the culinarily curious.

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